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How we can help you maintain great vision for life

Yearly Eye Exams

Often our health care system focuses on treatment rather than prevention. Our yearly comprehensive exam utilizes technology to identify potential problems now in order to prevent sight threatening issues later in life.   

Medical Eye Care

We treat eye diseases such as glaucoma, eye infection, pink eye, eye pain, allergies, sudden vision changes, new floaters... If you are experiencing changes in vision or eye pain please give us call.

Dry eye disease is more than simply needing more water or tears in the eyes. Often there is an underlying cause that is chronic and progressive.  Without identifying the cause of the disease it will slowly progress and become more difficult to treat. You have more options than brief relief from an over the counter eye drop. We offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment options for dry eye disease. Book your appointment and let us help.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Every eye is different. Some require more specialized attention. For many conditions like keratoconus or pellucid marginal degeneration, traditional glasses and contacts simply don't work. We have the experience and expertise  to design custom contact lenses that can provide improved vision and comfort all day! 

Confused little kid boy with glasses with colorful wax crayon pencils. Sad child and stude

Childhood myopia rates are increasing, with 1 in 3 children now affected. Multiple studies show myopia becoming much more common in children, showing up at earlier ages and progressing more rapidly. Many researchers believe reduced outdoor time and increased screen time on devices are part of the problem. Myopia often leads to struggles in school and activities for your child due to poor vision, as well as increased eye disease risks.

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