Scleral Contacts 

Scleral Contacts are a great option for patients with difficult prescriptions, or with an eye disease that makes wearing glasses or traditional contact lenses, a bad option. A scleral lens completely vaults the cornea (front surface of the eye) and rests on the white sclera. These are similar to hard RGP contacts, but are larger so they can tuck underneath the eyelids, providing great comfort all day. Scleral lenses are ideal for treating patients with Keratoconus, Corneal Dystrophies, poor LASIK surgery outcomes, and severe dry eyes.  

 Rigid Gas Permeable 

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses provide superior optics over traditional soft contacts, which equates to clearer vision.  RGPs can be customized to help those who have high prescriptions, including high amounts of astigmatism.  We can also make RGP lenses with multifocal optics to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses with your contacts.  RGPs are a good option for patients who have not been able to have satisfactory vision in traditional soft contacts.  

 Hybrid Contacts 

Hybrid Contacts combine the superior optics of RGP contacts with the comfort of soft contacts.  By using a hard center with a soft outer skirt, Hybrid contacts become a great options for patients who are unable to adapt to RGP contacts.  They also can correct astigmatism, as well as reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses.  Hybrids are not as customizable as RGP contacts, but can be a great option for many patients.